Coastline, harbours, fjords, sounds and sea-fishing sites – there is a broad selection of opportunities for fishing to choose from see images of angling on Lolland Falster.
If you bring your own boat, there are numerous slipways on Lolland Falster, where you can put your boat in the water – or sail with some of the experienced captains, who have been supplying this service to anglers for more than 20 years.

There are also many excellent coastal fishing locations, where you can catch cod, sea trout, flatfish and garfish – each season has its own high points.

Nysted Camping and Cabin holidays has excellent facilities for cleaning fish. If you would like, you can prepare your catch in the outdoor kitchen or the large communal kitchen. We also facilitate the deep freezing of your catch.

Below on this page you will find a map and descriptions of 47 RECOMMENDED LOCATIONS on Lolland Falster – good reading.

Nysted Camping and Cabin holidays offers overnight accommodation in our cabins, either in a fully-facilitated cabin with kitchen, bath and toilet or one of our smaller, more practical cabins, which are inexpensive to rent

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