Cycling and walking paths to the east and west stretch out along the Baltic Sea coast, where you can enjoy numerous hours of walking in nature. Or take a walk through Skejten forest, Fuglsang, Ålholm park or along the bay into Nysted harbour, where all year round you will find numerous events and restaurants with an incredibly charming maritime atmosphere.

Nysted Camping and Cabin holidays is a member of Walking Denmark and complies with their criteria for membership related to advice about suggested routes, giving directions, one-day excursions, providing walking maps and facilitating drying.

Restauranter i Nysted:
(Restaurant Cottage)
(Grill Nysted Mole)

Oplevelser i Nysted:
(Seværdigheder i Nysted)
(Kunst og gallerier i Nysted)
(Aktivitetskalender i Nysted)

Attraktioner i Nysted:
(Fuglsang Kunstmuseum)
(Dølle Fjelde Musse Marked)
(Nysted Middelalder Marked)
(Haikutter Regatta)