Nysted Camping – Eco-responsible Holiday for your Family

How we made Nysted Beach camping eco-friendly

On Nysted Camping, the energy consumption has been limited by the use of LED technology on the entire campsite. Furthermore, the energy consumption is based on power from wind turbines and a big part of the lighting is controlled by time or sensors in order to reduce the consumption. Water-reducing filters have been installed to ensure the water saving at the campsite. Waste is sorted in 19 different categories, all cleaning products are either Nordic Ecolabelled (Svanemærket) or the EU Ecolabelled, and all areas are maintained without the use of pesticides. In addition, Nysted Camping inspires all guests to a more sustainable lifestyle, and we work with many local partners, so you get sustainable experiences, including:

Look for the EU Ecolabel before you choose the Campsite

If you want to go on holiday with a good, green conscience, it is important that you choose a campsite with the EU Ecolabel. In Europe, only eight campsites are certified with the EU Ecolabel. All certifications are limited in time, so the campsite must continuously improve its footprint. At the same time, the EU Ecolabel motivates campsites to a more environmentally-friendly operation, so we do not put pressure on water and energy resources and threaten local biodiversity.