Fascinating hiking routes on Lolland

Staying at Nysted Beach Camping gives you a good opportunity to enjoy Lolland’s nature on foot. You can easily put on your hiking boots and get unique experiences in nature, see historical and cultural monuments, or you can pass some of the small local food producers. Hiking on Lolland is popular and a great experience for the whole family.

Reasons to go hiking on Lolland

Hiking gives you a healthy holiday and you experience the area in a completely new way. All hiking trips are at your own pace, and you have plenty of time to see the small things in nature and in the surroundings – things that the eye does not normally catch. Hiking is healthy and a good activity for your body, provides well-being, and being active together strengthens the unity of the family. Put on your hiking boots and go for a walk around Nysted or the rest of Lolland.

Hiking in the Surroundings of Nysted

From Nysted Beach Camping you can easily get out on the 7 km long hiking route that follows the coast around Aalholm Castle. You come around Skansen to Nysted Beach. Along the market town you pass the cemetery and Nysted Klostermose, before the trip goes back passing the water tower. You can find inspiration for your hiking around Nysted here.   In Nysted you can also follow the Danish poetry route, listen to small audio items along the way and hear how the landscape has inspired the poet. The 5 km poetry route begins at Emil Aarestrup’s house in Nysted, and you can find more inspiration here.   Another wonderful trip goes to Skejten, which is a nature area with oak trees, rare plants and an exciting fauna in the marsh. The area is completely untouched, and you can see oak trees, which are approximately 300 years old. The trails on Skejten are uneven and wet, so it may be an idea to replace the hiking boots with rubber boots. In the summer, Skejten is grazed by cattle, and there is a good opportunity to see breeding birds in the area. Find inspiration for the hike around Skejten here.

Hiking Routes on Lolland

Lolland is full of hiking trails, where you can get Lolland’s nature under your skin. In particular, the 5 km long walk around the Merrit Forest can be recommended, here you can see bison and wild boar in the forest around Knuthenborg. The wild animals are good helpers in nature conservation and strengthen biodiversity. Read more about hiking in the Merrit Forest here.   Another unique hiking route is on the southern part of Lolland around Saksfjed Hyllekrog, where you can experience a reserve of birds and rare insects through the 13 km. The trip goes over beach meadows, hilly dunes and the fine beach, and you can make a stop at the old bird tower. During the breeding season from 1 March to 15 July, access to Hyllekrogtangen is prohibited, but you can still have a beautiful trip on Lolland’s south coast. Read more about hiking at Saksfjed Hyllekrog here.