CO2-neutral camping

CO2-neutral camping site offers a holiday with a reduced climate footprint. Camping, cabins, coastal apartments, and holiday homes. Eco-friendly vacation. Book a spot at the CO2-neutral campsite now.

CO2-neutral camping

When you are on vacation at Nysted Strand Camping, you can enjoy with full conscience for nature, climate, and the environment. Nysted Strand Camping is the first campground in Europe to have developed a carbon footprint, documenting the total climate impact of Nysted Strand Camping, which has subsequently been offset to become CO2-neutral. This means that you can enjoy an eco-friendly and sustainable vacation that benefits the environment and climate.

The CO2-emission from Nysted Strand Camping primarily come from service activities and suppliers.

For Nysted Strand Camping, it is essential to have environmentally friendly operations and to lead the way in the green transition. Having a CO2-neutral campground can be an inspiration for the rest of the tourism sector and for guests. In January 2023, Nysted Strand Camping was also named the 2nd best sustainable campground in Europe by ADAC, and the site is operated with a focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The carbon footprint shows a sustainable bottom line

Documentation that Nysted Strand Camping can call itself climate-neutral is found in the campground’s carbon footprint and the corresponding CO2-certificates. As indicated in the Green House Gas Protocol, Nysted Strand Camping’s carbon footprint is divided into three groups of CO2-emitting activities (known as scopes). The first and second groups are direct emissions from the company or emissions resulting from the company’s energy consumption. The third group is emissions related to the company’s suppliers, including the purchase of goods and services. To compare CO2-emissions across industries, a company’s emissions are converted into CO2-equivalents (CO2e).

In 2022, Nysted Strand Camping emitted 106 tons of CO2e. Of this, the campground’s own emissions in groups 1 and 2 accounted for only 0.3% of the emissions. The vast majority of emissions came from group 3, where materials for building and site operations, as well as purchases for the campground’s grocery store, together represented 78 tons of CO2e.

To compensate for these emissions, Nysted Strand Camping has purchased certificates to plant forests for the benefit of nature, climate, and the environment. Thus, the operation of Nysted Strand Camping is carbon-neutral and therefore meets national and international climate requirements.

This is how Nysted Strand Camping became CO2-neutral

Taking care of the Earth has always been entirely natural for the owners of Nysted Strand Camping. Even before sustainability and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals came to the forefront, buildings on the site were renovated with recycled materials, and traditional light sources were replaced with LEDs and repositioned to illuminate larger areas with the same amount of energy. The awareness of sustainable initiatives is an ongoing process, where Nysted Strand Camping is constantly improving. In 2022-2023, three cabins were renovated using a whopping 40% recycled materials. Additionally, CO2-saving heating sources are used by burning wood pellets, and the campground purchases green power from wind turbines. Waste is sorted into 19 categories, providing optimal conditions for recycling. Goods in the campground’s grocery store are sourced locally whenever possible, including quality beer from Krenkerup and Falster Distillery, as well as eggs from Dalbakkegård. Other items come from a single supplier who delivers goods once a week to reduce pollution from transportation.

EU Eco-label

In 2021, Nysted Strand Camping became the first campground in Denmark to be certified with the EU Eco-label with a score of 44, where the minimum requirement is 27. The high score is attributed to waste sorting, energy reduction, and the use of green energy, as well as the absence of chemicals in operations, reduced use of paper, plastic, and cleaning products, and the improvement of habitats for animals and insects. All cleaning products are labeled with the Nordic Swan Label, and water-reducing filters have been installed at all taps. The EU Eco-label is thus proof that Nysted Strand Camping adheres to sustainable principles in its operations – and it is your guarantee of a sustainable vacation. Read more about our campground with the EU Eco-label certification here.