Stunning bycycle trips on Lolland

If you love to spend your holiday on bike, Nysted Beach Camping is a good place to start the trip. On Lolland there are numerous cycling routes where you can get your heart rate up while enjoying the formidable view of Lolland’s landscape. Below we have made a guide with tips for your cycling holiday on Lolland as well as a number of the most popular cycling routes.

Biking on Lolland

On Lolland, it is easy to go biking during the holiday, and through the flat and hilly landscape there are many marked cycle routes. The national Marguerite Route runs across Lolland, but there are also smaller cycle routes with different degrees of difficulty and nature experiences. Many local actors support cycling holidays on Lolland, and there are, among other things, Bike Friends, who provide bike equipment along your way. In addition, you can easily rent bicycles from the local landlords if you have not fastened the bicycle to the car yourself.

Bicycle Route at Nysted (The Paradise Route)

Around Nysted you can go on a bike ride of 20 km, where you experience the area’s small bogs and mills. The trip starts in Nysted and goes through the flat coastal landscape, passing Aalholm Castle and the small village of Stubberup. You drive all the way down to the green Herritslev Bog, where you get a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. You can take a well-deserved break near Stubberup Mose, or you can take a rest at Bregninge Church. In the village of Kettinge you pass a gravel pit and a mill, and here you will also have the opportunity to buy refreshments before the trip goes back to Nysted. You will find a map of the cycle route here.

The Baltic Sea Route N8

The spectacular national cycle route N8 has 168 km of asphalt and gravel on Lolland-Falster. Here you move through the varied landscape and the wonders of the coast. Along the way, you pass several of small, cozy market towns, but also the more modern life in Lolland-Falster’s larger towns.

The Lolland Alps

If you head north from Nysted, you can have a scenic cycling experience in the hilly terrain around the Lolland Alps (36 km). The landscape was formed during the ice age quarries and it has created the historic hills and valleys. You can advantageously start the trip in Kragenæs, pass the beautiful art monument Dodekalitten, and enjoy the view of Smålandsfarvandet. After a stop in Ravnsborg, you drive towards Vesterborg, where you can take a break at the church. Then you pedal towards Pederstrup, Reventlow Parken and the fascinating burial chamber Kong Svend Høj. Find more information about the bike route here.

The flat Lolland

If you do not like the large climbs, you can take the bike ride of 39 km over the flat Lolland in the south. Here you experience the landscape with dammed areas, which were created after the storm surge in 1872. You start in Kramnitze and drive towards Hummingen, before you follow the dike and get a beautiful view of the Fehmarn construction site. Continue towards Dannemare, where you can take a break or drive to village of Tillitse. Then the trip goes to Vindeholme Forest, where you can see the castle before driving back through Lolland’s small villages. Find maps for the route here.