Stay at Nysted Beach Camping

Nysted Beach Camping is run on sustainable principles with the utmost respect of nature, and we have reduced our consumption of energy and water. It allows you to go on a holiday in harmony with nature.

EU Ecolabelled Campsite

As the first campsite in Denmark, Nysted Beach Camping is certified with the EU Ecolabel, which is your guarantee for a sustainable holiday. At the campsite, we have reduced our resource consumption and made a thorough waste sorting which give you a holiday respecting the nature. At the same time, we have developed a number of experiences and we collaborate with local society so that you can enjoy, taste and smell all aspects of Lolland’s nature during your camping holiday. Finally, we use Cpay. ). Read more about our certification here

Experiences in Nature

At Nysted Beach Camping, we offer guided bike rides, where you can experience Nysted from two wheels and get information about the natural habitats, the rare birds or the fish in the sea. We also offer fishing trips where the family can catch crabs, cuttlefish and shrimps. In addition, you can go kayaking with a nature guide and experience how beautiful Lolland is from the sea side. We have collected two guides with inspiration for cycling and hiking

Yoga Retreat and Meditation

At Nysted Beach Camping, we offer courses in yoga and meditation, so you can find the inner harmony in our beautiful, natural surroundings. Camping is an eminent setting for your yoga retreat, because you live in harmony with nature. Through various yoga courses you will get in touch with your body and soul and be filled with an inner peace to enjoy your relaxing holiday.
Yoga on a nature